It doesn’t take a lot of space to have a great garden. You can grow more than you think, even if you have a small area to work with. You just have to be careful choosing your plants and creative in how you grow them. Urban gardeners have perfected the techniques of vertical gardening, growing nearly everything in a postage stamp sized garden just by training the plants to grow up.

Many of our fans have already incorporated vertical gardening techniques into their gardens, and have been begging us to add the ability to change their garden layouts to reflect that. We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Storey Publishing to bring you this exclusive Smart Add On featuring Rhonda Massingham Hart’s Vertical Vegetables & Fruits.

For only $4.99, you will be able to access all this:

  • Additional Guide chapter all about Vertical Gardening
  • Plant Guides with Vertical Gardening instructions
  • 10 Signature Gardens to give you inspiration
  • How-tos for building your own Vertical Garden structures

Even if you’re new to vertical gardening, this Add On will guide you through the steps, help you choose the best vertical growing options for each plant, automatically adjust the spacing, and assist in planning your plant placement in your garden by height so everything gets the best exposure.

What’s Included
Informative Content: Rhonda Massingham Hart’s Vertical Vegetables & Fruit will appear as part of your garden Guide for easy access to information about growing vertical.

Guide: The Vertical Vegetables & Fruit section is chock full of informations including the benefits of vertical gardening techniques, an explanation of the different types of structures used, and which plants are best suited to vertical gardening.

Picking a Growing Approach: Under the “Plants in this Garden” tab, you can pick a specific footprint to match how you want to grow your plants vertically.

Your Vegetables: All vegetables in your garden that can be grown vertically will be automatically adjusted to their new spacing and a new grid will be created.

Plant Guide: Each Plant Guide, for plants that can be grown vertically, offers up suggestions and images for the best support for that particular plant.

Signature Vertical Gardens: Get exclusive access to 10 beautifully designed, inspirational Gardens that take advantage of vertical techniques and methods.

Announcing our new Smart Add On: Vertical Vegetable and Fruit -- Great vertical gardening tips and information!SmartGardener and Storey Publishing — a perfect match!
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