Author: Karen Price

  • Strawberries


    Strawberries are easy-to-grow plants that deserve a space in every garden. Nothing compares to the taste of homegrown strawberries — the sweetness is like the taste of summer. Just as garden-fresh tomatoes beat the flavor of supermarket tomatoes, the strawberries you grow in your garden will be sweeter, juicier, and more tender than anything the […]

  • Peas for St. Patrick’s Day

    Peas for St. Patrick’s Day

    In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day to plant peas in a spring garden. In the United States the timing can vary somewhat from zone to zone, but March 17th still works well as a guide for starting peas for most areas. And what a perfect way to bring your garden a bit of […]

  • Five herbs perfect for indoor growing

    Five herbs perfect for indoor growing

    Spring has yet to arrive in many parts of the country, and we’re pretty sure a lot of you gardeners are getting a bit of cabin fever. One cure for the late-winter gardening blues is to start an indoor herb garden. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite herbs to grow […]

  • Top Ten Plants for a Beginner Garden

    Top Ten Plants for a Beginner Garden

    Starting a new garden can be exciting. It can also be a bit overwhelming. There are so many plants to choose from, how do you decide which to include? To make it easier, we made a list of our favorite plants for beginning gardeners.