It’s all about the dirt

Image: hands holding soil; Source: Gabriel Jimenez, UnsplashAsk yourself: Why do we have gardens? What do we grow fruits and vegetables for? Food. Nutrition and health. And what’s the key to growing healthy food?

It’s simple: it’s all about the dirt.

That’s right. Dirt’s not just the yucky muddy mess that kids track into the house. The dirt in your backyard lays the foundation for nutritious and strong plants. Literally.

So if you’re hoping for a bountiful spring garden this year (and who isn’t?), now’s the time to start prepping your soil. And the best way to get your soil in shape is with re-mineralization. Our choice: Andesite Mineral Complex. (15% off just for you!)

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Minerals are crucial to the human body. Like, oxygen and H2O-status crucial. They’re present in virtually all our body’s cells and help build new tissues, balance pH levels, release energy from food, and regulate a ton of other processes. But while we need 45-60 different minerals for optimal health, we only get 8 minerals on average from most of the food we consume today – including fruits and vegetables. AKA we’re far from our best selves. So we should change that.


Nature has been re-mineralizing the earth’s soil since the beginning of time: volcanic eruptions scattered valuable minerals from deep within the earth, while wind, rainfall and rivers helped redistribute them around the globe. Glaciers played a major role too, pulverizing rock and blending it into the earth’s soil. During this time millions of years ago, soils contained 80-100 minerals.


But today, our soils contain no more than 16-20. Think: centuries of over-farming and erosion. And without enough minerals, just like the human body, plants become weaker: they require more water yet produce less, contain lower nutrient levels, and are more susceptible to stress, pests, and disease.


Okay, that’s the bad news. The good news? If you’re growing your own food, you can be the change by re-mineralizing your soil.

Like we mentioned, we’re using Andesite Mineral Complex™ in our own gardens – and really, the difference is huge. Many growers focus solely N, P & K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), which are important, but there are 90+ other natural mineral elements that are key to plant and soil health. Mineral complexes like Andesite’s give you cobalt, sulfur, copper, manganese, boron, carbon, molybdenum, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silica, iron, and more.


Here’s a full list of benefits that re-mineralization offers your garden:

· Provides a slow, natural release of elements and trace minerals
· Improves nutrient uptake of plants
· Increases yields
· Produces more nutrient-dense fruits & vegetables
· Enhances flavor in fruits & vegetables
· Encourages earthworm and microbial activity in soils
· Improves brix (sugar content) levels in plants
· Improves resistance to insects, disease, frost and drought
· Improves Cation Exchange Rates in soils
· Helps balance soil pH levels

If you’re ready to re-mineralize, order your Andesite Mineral Complex here.

Happy growing!

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  1. Anna@GreenTalk Avatar

    I got a soil test done by my university and it revealed that I wasn’t low in any of the essential elements. Would I still need this product? How about biochar?

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